"Don't Know Jack"...

based on the alias assumed by Holt, John [Jack] R. Moon


This website is dedicated to Chauncey Marvin Holt.  A man who lived a unique and rare life.  He was an artist, Accountant, pilot, circus performer, weapons modification expert, and C.I.A. Covert Operation Specialist all rolled up into one, or more accurately, rolled up in to many lives and identities.


Between all the chaos and drama that surrounded his worlds, there was no doubt, by anyone who knew him, that he was a patriotic man, friend, husband, father and grand-father.  To have known him in the true sense you would have gained his trust, love and compassion. 


In 1997, Chauncey Holt passed away, but not before sharing stories and memorabilia of his long and checkered career with his daughter and family.  We have had the rare luxury to live alongside him and given the rare opportunity and trust to record, evaluate, read, preserve, and learn about his entire life experiences upon his deathbed and witness the unraveling of deep unresolved secrets and identities. 


An alias frequently used by Chauncey Holt was a deep under cover identity which could meet the heaviest of scrutiny.  A graduate of M.I.T. and a C.I.A. asset for the "Company".  The name, John R. Moon, an individual who served as an accountant for many high powered political figures, as well as for some of the most dangerous members of organized crime in United States history. 


At the birth of Moon in the early 50's, Holt had to be "sheep dipped" and assume the character and life of Jack Moon.  Through the assistance of the Central Intelligence Agency and the International Rescue Committee, this newly developed alias opened gateways for Holt to live and maintain. 


To the Holt family, John Moon was merely the business partner of Chauncey Holt where they both shared a small C.P.A. office just blocks from where the family lived.  For years, Holt kept and maintained many other identities on a regular basis, 45 admitted and 4 with the same protection and blanket cover as Moon.


Chauncey Holt kept these secrets from his own family and friends, but harbored even more secrets where it came to his wife and child who were unsuspectingly living the multiple lives of Holt,... who was a married man with a daughter,...who was also Mr. Moon with another wife...who was also Mr. Siegler who was widowed and sometimes transformed into Mr. Hoyt.... who was single and little crazy and doubled as Mr. Rutz who was ever so cleaver. 


Yes...many lives created and intertwined by design...each active... and each supporting one another...until...Holt's arrest in 1977.


Holt, who was represented by attorney Frank Belcher [Belcher Oil/Collins Radio] and Joe Ball [lead investigative counsel for the Warren Commission], was never actually incarcerated under his own name, rather, Holt served his "time" under his C.I.A. alias name - John Moon.  A two year sentence at the Federal Correction Facility - Terminal Island, in Long Beach, California and inserted as Controller for the same institution - with "perks".  A trial, conviction, and sentence unavailable to the public and during which time the HSCA committee was newly formed and underway, while both Holt and Moon were conveniently tucked away in prison, or so called "on vacation".


This started the chain of strange and confusing times for our family.  It was a time of balancing betrayals and challenges with unconditional love. A time where Holt had to come clean with his family and a time which revealed dangerous paths that our were not only approaching but roads already traveled upon...


....Until "Don't Know Jack"........



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